It’s been a while

It’s been a while since my first (and only) post. Shortly after the first blog post, I began the process of opening another business which until recently has consumed me and my time. Not that I haven’t thought about cuckolding or the lifestyle, I just haven’t had the time to pursue it.

My cuckoldress appears to be reluctant to engage in any sort of extracurricular sexual activity, especially when it come to adding a third party to our sex life. I assume she has trepidation due to some possible violations in trust from previous relationships. I have been extremely open and honest with her regarding my own sexual desires so as to avoid any possible trust issues from developing. It doesn’t seem to help or even matter.

Two weeks ago I reached out to an ad on CL. The ad was posted by a gentleman around our age and based on his ad, seemed to truly embrace the cuckold lifestyle. I reached out and he responded almost immediately.

I explained my situation briefly to him and he understood. We didn’t talk specifics about anything really as I wanted whatever was going to happen, to happen organically, especially with my potential cuckoldress.

We did end up meeting out with our potential new friend for lunch yesterday, just to see if there is a mutual interest. we setup to meet at a local pub. As it turns out, he lives relatively close to us so if things do work out, travel distance will not be an issue. When we arrived he was already seated at the bar, we walked up to him, made introductions and sat at a table to get acquainted.

I think most would describe him as middle of the road in the looks department. He has more of a professional look to him, not something you see much of in the area we live in. A little overweight but not disgustingly so. It would be hypocritical of me to judge him on his weight, I have not treated my body the way it should either.

He seems very intelligent and articulate and was able to speak intelligently on a variety of topics. The conversation was pretty much small talk with one or two deeper topics sprinkled in. He never once initiated a conversation about sex which was refreshing.  You can tell he was not in a hurry to move things along. It was truly a let’s get to know each other conversation.

Cuckoldress seemed to enjoy the conversation and never once seemed to be uncomfortable. We finished up lunch and went our different ways. When we got into the car she had a huge grin on her face, something I had not seen from her in a while. It seemed almost like a shy, embarrassed sort of grin, as almost to say, I enjoyed this but I’m not sure I should have or should let you know I have.

More to come…


Why a blog?

Fetishes can be complicated and overwhelming at times, especially for those people in our lives it touches. Cuckolding/hotwife is a serious fetish for me and many days, completely consumes my mind. My hope is that by chronicling my thoughts, feelings and quite possibly our adventures, it might help release the mental grasp this fetish has on me, at least a little.

Everything you read here will be 100% honest. This will be a true account of my cuckold life, good and bad. If you’re looking for a fantasy blog, this may not that for you. Some posts will be exciting and some boring. This blog is for me and my sanity, sorry if you don’t like it.

I don’t think I want to explain how and why cuckolding has become a fetish for me. I don’t have a powerful reason how or why it happened, just many thoughts and ideas as to why it’s come to this. Every day the fetish gets stronger and more abstract and becomes a challenge to deal with, especially for my love and life partner.

I may from time to time reflect back on certain things but I feel it’s infinitely more important to focus on the now. If I reflect back, it will only be to help illuminate what is happening now in my life and look for answers as to how and why things happened.

Not sure how much I will post and for now, the plan is to post as often as is necessary to loosen the grip this fetish has on my mind.